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Trimming of the vines

Crucial moment in growing wine grapes is pruning the vines. It aims to regulate the growth and fertility of the vineyard, to obtain maximum steady produce of grapes. Depending on the variety and purpose of production pruning can last from autumn to spring.

Trimming of the vines

Adjustment of the growth and produce of the vines
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Maturing of the grapes

After fertilization of the vines, young ovaries slowly develop into grains. They continue to grow until they start ripening and get soft. During maturing the seeds change color, acidity and sugars.

Maturing of the grapes

Growth, shaping and maturing
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Harvesting is the last stage in growing grapes. The quality of the wine depends on the rapid and timely picking of the fruit. Maturity of the grapes is determined by the amount of sugars in a grape. For best quality of the vintage, it is recommended to always harvest partialy, choosing the most mature grape.


From vine to the cellar

Fermentation and bottling

Wine production is a complex process that varies depending on the region, climate and traditions. Wine production has several stages: pressing grape juice, fermentation of the wort (the juice of grapes), filtration and sedimentation, maturing and bottling.

Fermentation and bottling:

Wine production
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